Get on your bikes and ride!

So I was walking down Graham Avenue to get my mid-morning coffee and what did I come across but this!

Winnipeg Ciclovia enthusiasts getting their pedal on – in heels!

Of course I had to stop and watch – how often do you see someone in heels furiously pedaling a bike on a public sidewalk? Turns out she was in hot pursuit of a prize – the event was a contest for Winnipeg’s Fastest Cyclist, to help spread the word about the return of Ciclovia this year, part of Manyfest from September 7th – 9th!

If you’ve never been to Ciclovia, or to Manyfest for that matter, it’s pretty amazing. Manyfest is a festival that shuts down a huge chuck of Broadway for a big party in the street – and for one day, Sunday the 9th, bikes and other healthy-transport options dominate the road instead of cars! There’s bike polo, the Tweed Ride where cyclists get all dressed up like it’s 1865 and take to the road, a soapbox derby and roller derby, music, vendors, and general fun to be had!

I’ve been cycling to work for most of the summer now, and I can’t wait for the chance to have hundred of other cyclists to keep me company on the road – and the road’s going to be all ours, how amazing is that? Just pedestrians and cyclists on Broadway as far as the eye can see – sounds like a perfect way to wrap up summer.

There’s more info on all the activities going on as part of Ciclovia and Manyfest at See you there!

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