Movies on Memorial!

Hands up if you want to see John Travolta in a skirt tonight!

Let’s be honest, any night is a perfect night to see that – but today’s an extra-gorgeous day out and the perfect night to spend outdoors catching a movie!

Starting tonight for every Tuesday in August you can watch a movie outside at Memorial park! And it’s a good thing they’re outdoors too – cause these are not the sort of movies you want to sit in your seat for. They’re all musicals – which in my mind, is an excuse to get up and dance! (everyone else does that at home in front of the TV too, right?)

Tonight it’s Hairspray – featuring John Travolta and the super-cute Zac Efron! The movies kick off at dusk, but there’s going to be popcorn and other activities starting at 7:00pm. And since it’s Hairspray, there’s a beauty salon coming out to style free updos for anyone who wants them before the movie!  I can pull off a beehive, right?

This is just the first of the month’s movies – if you want more info, just click here!

4 thoughts on “Movies on Memorial!

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