Art for All

We’ve got new pieces of public art! And can I just say, let’s keep it up!

I think there are a lot of things that make urban living great – the people, the restaurants, the buildings, the shopping 😉 But I think beautiful streets get taken up another level when you make art a part of them.

I got to go to New York a while ago and I ran into their famous “love” sculpture – it stopped me right in my tracks and made me smile – I think that’s what public art should do! Make you stop, smile, maybe think, strike a pose, and just pause from your busy walk down the sidewalk to appreciate something unique and beautiful. So I’m glad we seem to have a mini-trend of public art going up lately!

Outside the Richardson building there are a couple of beautiful pieces already, and “North Watch” went up this spring. Just last month the Millennium Library Park opened and debuted “Emptyful,” that super-modern looking giant beaker. If you haven’t seen it at night, trust me, you need to stop by – it glows in an incredibly cool way. (Also, the mist it creates blows over you and cools you when it’s a super-hot day like today. Genius!!!)

And today, we got the maybe the most fun of all – giant marbles along Portage Avenue! I saw the opening today, and I started feeling like a little kid again looking around me. There were all kinds of little kids that saw them and begged mom and dad to stop and let them see them and play and pose for a picture – it was totally adorable.

Cute kids hugging the marble sculptures
Too cute!

Doesn’t it remind you of the way kids climbed all over Bears on Broadway?


5 thoughts on “Art for All

  1. Hello Downtown Peggy!
    You have been running some wonderful contests for your email followers but we never find out who the winners are/were. Is it possible to let us know……so that we can continue entering in hopes of winning one of them? Just a suggestion…and thanx for being there! hugs, Lorraine

    1. Hi Lorraine! Hmm, good point! I’m always a little shy about publishing people’s names online in case they’d rather I don’t, but I’ll definitely think about it. I think I can put up the first names or aliases at least 🙂

      1. I can’t see why anyone would not want their name to be published??? Most contests actually do print names and I have had people respond with congratulations for me if they spotted my name on the net or in the paper. Thanx again and have a great day!!

  2. It’s funny, Peggy. I just noticed the “North Watch” sculpture this week! It’s really striking. Thanks for mentioning it, as I didn’t even know the name and now was able to google and get the background info. We sure have a lot of amazing outdoor art in Winnipeg!

    1. I know, isn’t it great? I think it really adds to the atmosphere of the city when you’ve got beautiful things surrounding you. I know it adds to my lunch break when I get a bevy of beautiful spots to choose from now!

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