Let’s Do Lunch – Part 2

As promised, more yummy lunch special menus for you!

If you missed my first post, here’s what’s going on:

That’s right, until July 27th, more than a dozen downtown restaurants have special menus and deals if you head there on your lunch hour. It’s the perfect excuse to go out and try something new – because we Winnipeggers love a good deal. And to sweeten the deal,when you eat at one of the participating restaurants, you can get a ballot and enter to win a restaurant tour worth $500!
I’m going to be giving out some gift certificates to the participating restaurants too, if you just tell me in the comments which yummy menu item you’re dying to sample!

Today, I’ve got four restaurants that are doing some deliciously creative things with beef – let the mouth-watering begin!

Arkadash Bistro & Lounge
268 Portage Ave, 504-2155

  • Beef kofta with house-made pita, onions, tomatoes, peppers and yoghurt cucumber dip. Build your own! – $7.99
  • Grilled chicken thighs with Turkish Baharat spice and tahini sauce – $10.99
  • Roasted thin slices of MB sirloin tip elk served in house-made ciabatta bread with aged smoked gouda and onion jam – $11.99

The Current
75 Forks Market Road, 944-2445

  • The Winni-delphia Steak Sandwich, shaved sterling silver beef striploin with onion and crimini mushroom in a buttery jus topped with aged white cheddar on grilled ciabatta. Served with home cut fries – $11.99

Lobby on York
295 York Ave, 896-7275

  • Lobby Beef Dip, smoked tenderloin, guinness mustard, horseradish aioli, sweet onions, mushrooms, pan jus & crispy fries – $11.99

The Velvet Glove
2 Lombard Place, 985-6255

  • Snake River Farms Kobe Beef Burger – 8oz American Wagyu Patty Aged Cheddar, Crisp Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Sautéed Mushrooms  and Peppercorn Mayo – $17.00

7 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch – Part 2

  1. “The Current’s” Winni-delphia Steak sandwich sounds good and I’d love to compare it with my first memorable experience of eating a Philly-Steak sandwich in Philidelphia a few years back.

  2. I’m dying to try the beef kofta with house-made pita, onions, tomatoes, peppers and yoghurt cucumber dip. Build your own at Arkadash Bistro!

  3. i think the Kobe beef sounds great. I am going to Japan in the fall and doubt I will be able to afford Kobe beef there so it would nice to try it here.

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