See the flag. BE the flag.

Time to strike a pose – does my hair look ok?

Last year I was one of a record 3,400+ Winnipeggers that showed up – in the rain! – downtown to make the country’s biggest ever Living Flag. How’s that for community spirit? We watched buskers, got free red & white tshirts (I was red 🙂 ) and made a gigantic, living, breathing, O-Canada-singing Canadian Flag. We even did the wave! (I’m pretty sure the flag-wranglers made us wave just for the pun value)

It was an amazing time, and it’s happening again this Sunday morning right on the Leg lawn – but we did such an awesome job the competition to make the biggest flag has gotten a little tougher! Victoria had the first flag, Winnipeg stepped it up in 2011, and this year Calgary and Langley BC are joining in. And Langley’s bringing the trash talk already!

“We beat those Winnipegers on the field in the Grey Cup last fall, surely we can beat them on the field on Canada Day. Spread the word. Let’s get this done.”

That quote’s from the Langley, BC Living Flag Facebook page.

So, um, Winnipeg? Got plans for Canada Day? Cause I think we’ve just been challenged.

Details here – come downtown and let’s show them what Winnipeg’s about!

And GO BOMBERS GO tonight!

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