Happy Anniversary Winnipeg Jets!

One year later, and the love is still going strong.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the Winnipeg Jets announcement happened – it feels like it was just yesterday! I remember where I was when I heard the news – with the crowd packed around the MTS Centre, as close as we could get to where the press conference was going on. But I couldn’t stay still for too long – I headed to Portage and Main to watch pickup hockey being played in the middle of the intersection, walked over to the Forks to see the conga line and join the party! It was an amazing day, to see so many Winnipeggers out on the streets grinning and high-fiving complete strangers! And that honeymoon glow has stuck around all year long with the new team – every single game night, it was an amazing -and packed! – atmosphere downtown around the building. And if you managed to get your hands on tickets for the game? Wow. I couldn’t keep my jaw from dropping open at the noise of the crowd the first time I got seats – and you’d better believe I was yelling right along with them! We love our team here in Winnipeg – so I wanted to ask all my readers, to celebrate the one-year anniversary: What’s your favourite Jets memory from this first year?

Mine’s a tough call, but I think it was the very first game, before the regular season even started. I headed to Tavern United with some friends to watch the game as close to the MTS Centre as we could without actually getting tickets. We went extra early to get seats, and it was already packed. But thanks to a miracle by the hockey gods, we managed to get a table right in front a TV – and when the lights in the arena went down and the Jets first hit the ice, the whole restaurant just burst into cheers. It put the biggest grin on my face and it didn’t leave all game. I still smile thinking about it!

So let’s celebrate one year with our Jets – what’s your favourite memory?

One thought on “Happy Anniversary Winnipeg Jets!

  1. Very happy that the Jets are back and absolutely happy that their name didn’t change. You can’t bring the Winnipeg Jets back without bringing their name back.

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