Fashion + Art

To me, really great fashion is art you can wear. So it seems like the perfect fit (pun intended!) that the WAG is hosting a fashion show tomorrow night, May 23, called “The Collection”- and I’ve got some tickets to give away!

The Collection is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen at the WAG before – the gallery becoming a catwalk for the night! They’ll be taking fashion from local boutique shops, pairing it with jewelery from the WAG’s Gallery Shop, and sending models out to strut their stuff among centuries of artwork! And of course, it wouldn’t be a fashion show without champagne and h’or d’oeuvres to nibble on while you watch.

So how do you get to play Anna Wintour for the night and get tickets to The Collection? Well…

I’m a big fan of trying out new trends and styles and experimenting with fashion. Sometimes new styles work for me, and sometimes they really, really don’t. But that’s OK – half the fun of it is experimenting and finding out what makes you feel gorgeous when you wear it, right? Of course, trying new styles has left me with a few dark moments in my fashion history – some really unflattering hairstyles, colours that were oh-so-hot that year but made me look kind of green. And I don’t think I’m alone in this.

So, to enter to win tickets to The Collection, you need to share your favourite fashion fail in the comments! Your OWN, that is – no celebrities. No pictures necessary, just share one fashion regret and you could be on your way to seeing some high style!

Want to buy tickets to The Collection? Call the WAG at 789-1769 – they’re $40 for members or $50 for non-members. Doors open at 6, and the show starts at 7. More info here!

19 thoughts on “Fashion + Art

  1. Wore a bright yellow sweater dress with a flowery print, with bright yellow pumps. I was told that I looked like a “walking chesterfield” by my manager at the time.
    How embarassing!

    1. A few public fireugs participated…Gord being one, Richard Cloutier as well.The most surprising thing about all of this is that some of the CEOs were high-level bureaucrats. “CEOs” salaries paid for on the public dime.

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  2. Several months ago I came up with what I thought was a lovely fall outfit – a pair of high-waisted brown tweet shorts (with footed leggings under, it was a little cool out), a pair of oxford shoes, and a silk embroidered beige blouse that happened to have three-quarter sleeves with a tiny bit of a ‘puff’ in the shoulder. I was promptly accused by a coworker of trying to look like a German Bar Maid and was asked where my Lederhosen was. Sigh. While I’m sure they came up with it first, I think it’s fair to blame Germany for stealing my look. Needless to say I never wore that outfit to work again.

  3. I was so naive at the time thinking the ‘make your own empire waist with a belt’ was the COOL thing to do. I did it with a flowered halter top and strutted my stuff at the mall with my sisters. A sweet elderly lady came up to me and asked me “How far along are you?” Me? Horrified! My sisters? Laughing their *sses off. So embarrassing. Never again.

  4. Ohh how do I count the ways… Well, there was a period of time where I routinely wore baby blue velour short shorts that had those “athletic stripes” down each side. I often paired these with a cute tank top and running shoes. I really liked wearing high, side ponytails in high school, even though I missed that trend by a good two decades. Unfortunately, my worst offences received (likely deserved) comments too vulgar to post!

  5. One piece gold jumpsuit that buttoned in the back (22 buttons) with a pink belt and shoes. Needed my husband to do me up. Felt great until an hour into the evening when a bathroom break was necessary and I realized I had no way out of the jumpsuit without help. It was either ask a stranger in the woman’s washroom, have my husband unbutton me in public and then go in the washroom, or smuggle my husband into the woman’s washroom to unbutton me and sneak out. We left the event early.

    1. Understand your problem. I’ve also got a jumpsuit that buttons at the back – not as many as yours but still impossible to get on or off without help. I just hadn’t registered what that would mean if I needed to go to the loo during the evening which I did the first time I wore it. I even went to the toilet before the truth dawned. At least we were just having dinner at a friend’s house so I just went back downstairs and whispered in my husband’s ear that I needed help. I like the jumpsuit and have worn it many times since then and used most of your alternatives including him helping in a quiet public area, smuggling him into the washroom and simply giving up and going home. The one thing I haven’t resorted to is asking a stranger to unbutton me. Do you have any answers yet?

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