Spoon me!

I know, that sounded a little risque for a blog post title for me! It’s actually the name of a brand-new frozen yogurt place that just opened in Winnipeg Square. With the weather warming up, it was perfect timing to try it out!

Their standard plain yogurt is yummy enough on its own, but there are flavours that change daily too – when I was there, they had green tea, which I completely adore. There’s a whole pile of toppings to choose from too – the usual like strawberries and blueberries, and some that just made me smile, like fruity pebbles. I didn’t know they still made those! Next time, I’m going for what I call my ‘funky monkey’ combo – banana & coco puffs. Although the coco puffs might defeat the purpose of their yogurt being fat-free….hmm. Oh well – it’s a treat!

I’d be missing out if I didn’t mention all the fun merch they have there – they have a lot of fun with the “Spoon Me” name! I picked up this bumper sticker:


I wonder if it’ll fit on my bike for commuter week?

Spoon Me
Winnipeg Square

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