Wine Fest!

Is it just me, or does this feel like the most indulgent time of year? Chocolatefest just ended, and it’s time for the Wine Festival to start up!

There’s a whole list of side events to go to that are underway already, like tastings at local restaurants. But the big events that most people remember are the public tastings.

The biggest space in the Convention Centre filled with rows and rows of wine to be sampled…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this festival comes close to my idea of heaven. There are hundreds of wines from all over the world, but this year the theme is wines of BC and Ontario. I’m extra-excited about this, because if there’s one kind of wine I love best of all, it’s ice wine – and Canada is fantastic at making that! If you’ve never tried it or don’t get to drink it often, make sure you make time for it this year. It’s more concentrated than other wines, and very sweet – the perfect dessert drink.

Fun fact – did you know that there’s such a thing as sparkling ice wine, and it was created accidentally in 1988 by a Canadian wine writer? It’s true, and I’m hoping some is on the tables this year!

I’ve checked out the wineries that are coming and there are one from Uruguay and two from Washington State – both totally new wine regions to me, so they’re going straight to the top of my must-taste list beside ice wine!

A final tip – if you find something you really, REALLY love, ask the staff at the booth if it’s usually carried in Manitoba. There are some really awesome wines that you can only purchase at the wine show, so if you think “I’ll buy it some other time” you might end up missing out!

Public tastings happen this Friday and Saturday. You can buy tickets at MLCC locations (there’s one in cityplace) or online at Ticketmaster

2 thoughts on “Wine Fest!

  1. Been there a couple of times. Hard to really taste and later on in the evening a lot of people are in a condition that should be taking a taxi. I think I’d rather stay home and enjoy a glass. I never really learnt or remembered the name of what I think I liked. Kind of pricey too.

  2. Have you tried the afternoon tasting? The evening ones are great for a fun evening out, but if you want the time to take some notes of what you like I’ve found that going to the ‘matinee’ is a quieter and gives me a better chance to meander around and chat with the people at the booths.

    And good advice on driving – people definitely need to designate a driver or catch a cab if they’re not using the spit buckets!

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