We’ve now entered the dark days after Easter, when the on-sale leftover chocolate has all been picked off the shelves and we’re all starting to go into sugar withdrawal. But don’t worry, it’s Chocolatefest to the rescue!

Chocolatefest actually goes on for all of April, but the big event happens this weekend at the Forks. There’ll be demos of cooking with chocolate, chocolate crafts for the kids (free!), a chance to taste chocolate goodies from different vendors, and a chocolate fountain…drool.

If you don’t make it out, there are still two more weeks of chocolatey delights to try at a bunch of downtown restaurants – there’s even a deep-fried Mars bar at Fergie’s Fish & Chips in Portage Place. (I highly recommend it, but you may want to have someone with you to hold you up in case you go into sugar-shock)

Some of my other picks:

The Beachcomber: Chocolate Brownie Quesadilla
Chocolate brownies and rich chocolate sauce sandwiched between a flour tortilla, dusted with cocoa and finished with chocolate whipped cream.

Brooklyn’s Bistro: Trio of Chocolate Truffles
One dark chocolate and cayenne pepper truffle, one white chocolate truffle infused with lemon and lime, and one milk chocolate truffle infused with Frangelico.

The Current: Tangerine Dream
Belgian dark chocolate and tangerine pot de crème with a chocolate coated shortbread biscuit.

Dessert Sinsations: Chocolate Chip Cookie Latte
Hot espresso with cookie dough syrup, steamed milk and chocolate chips.

Rudy’s: Smores
Housemade marshmallow, graham crackers and Callebaut chocolate (warning – this one can get messy, but it’s totally worth it!).

All of the desserts are $7 each, and there’s a full list of the restaurants participating and the delectable goodies they’re offering right here

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