The Princess and the Goblin Costumes!

The RWB introduced their new season this morning, and I was so excited to get an invite to a special fashion show launching the new season! This year RWB is going to be doing favourites like Sleeping Beauty, Moulin Rouge, of course the Nutcracker, and something brand new as well – The Princess and the Goblin!

I got to spend half an hour oohing and aahing over The Princess and the Goblin costumes – I realized that when you’re in the audience, you don’t always get to appreciate just how beautiful and intricate the outfits the dancers wear are. Luckily I’ve got pictures to share!

The runway...
Why just walk down a catwalk if you're a dancer?
One of the Garden People
More amazing garden people costumes - but check out the two little cuties on the right!
And finally, the dress that got the big oohs and aahs...

4 thoughts on “The Princess and the Goblin Costumes!

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