The Avenue is back!

It’s been so long since I saw the Avenue Building looking so fresh and new, I almost can’t believe the day is finally here! Today was the official opening day for the new Avenue building, with offices on the main floor and apartments for 3 stories up.

I’ve gotten a sneak peek or two behind the scaffolding, but event that didn’t prepare me for what a major change there was to the main floor. I’m kind of glad they didn’t reveal it until now – it’s a big surprise!

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what it looked like before…

…and what it looks like today:

 First thought? I wasn’t expecting the main floor to be so uber-modern, and I have to say I love the contrast with the more traditional brick on the upper floors! It’s a great mix of old and new coming together. I especially like the lit-up building name & address in the posts.

Second, the main floor is so OPEN. I think it’s so important to have buildings that feel like they interact with the street, not block it off, and the wide-open glass here does that. It adds life to the sidewalk when you can see happenings inside from outside, and vice versa. The balconies add to that too – the lucky people who manage to snag an apartment there are going to have a great view of the city!

What do you guys think about the new building design? To give you more food for thought, a mini-sneak peek of the press conference from the Winnipeg Free Press:

10 thoughts on “The Avenue is back!

  1. I used to love your posts. You let me know what is happening dt every weekend (not just places to eat) Potine etc.. Haven’t heard about anything for ages that I can see or do? Stir up the pot girl.. I miss those newsy bits.

    I especially liked the free venues. The bus that toured dt housing..the wine fest..The street festivals.. What’s going on at the forks… I want to get out and about..As that is what living Dt is all about..

  2. Thanks for commenting Cathy! I definitely try to post events & cool happenings in the area in the blog and it’s good to know that’s what you want to hear more of, cause there’s a lot going on downtown! 🙂 Stay tuned for my next post – there’s a new festival coming this month to downtown I’ll be talking about – there may even be a chance to win tickets!

    1. Nichole, I can’t even tell you how much I do appreciate all of the clhotes you sent for Penelope. She’s worn them all for a year now and is still wearing some. Her current favorites are the crocks! I am so excited to watch your family grow. If it’s a boy, send more Katie clhotes to Maine! hahaha.

  3. I passed by the dt Avenue..Ya got to be kidding balcony size.. Way too small can 2 people go out at the same time. Can you BBQ..Wow.. Are they going to have an open house?

  4. MUCH love for this piece! I love the look you achieved with friegns, hands, and arms 🙂 It looks phenomenal! I’ve been looking forward to some arty posts of what you entered at the show.Also, imagining that frame in gold makes me a little queasy. I’m glad you found it and gave it a makeover…it just couldn’t go on being gold. Yikes.

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