Happenings at The Bay Downtown…

Two cool pieces of info about the Bay downtown came caught my eye the other day!

  •   First – what’s the right way to kick off a long weekend? Spoiling yourself seems like a good way to start – the Bay is having a private shopping event this Thursday night (April the 5th) from 7-9:30. Food & bevvies while you shop, personal shoppers to help you pick out some new spring styles, and a draw for a bridal package worth $1000! Tickets are available at www.winnipegwomen.net

  •   Number two is a very cool announcement that happened Friday night. It’s that time of year again for the Young Associates to throw their famous Black & White event. I love that it’s always somewhere cool downtown (the past few years have been at the Manitoba Club, the new Manitoba Hydro atrium, and the penthouse at 201 Portage) so I couldn’t wait to hear what they had cooked up for this year, and I was definitely not disappointed. The theme is the Roaring ‘20s, and they’re holding it May 12 in an iconic building that opened in 1926, the Bay Downtown! I hear their decorating committee is hard at work with big plans.  I’m planning out my costume now…there will definitely be beads! And feathers. Tickets are on sale here

3 thoughts on “Happenings at The Bay Downtown…

  1. My kid’s 15 now and sometimes I still slip and say thnigs like, Mommy is going to the kitchen now. Boy, the look he gives me. Actually, sometimes I do it on person just to freak him out. It’s especially entertaining if his friends are within earshot.

  2. I watched a show on TV rneectly about how scrap vehicles are processed fed into a pulverizer, ground up into small chunks with the various component parts sifted and sorted out mechanically, with some human oversight, to recover various types of metal and non-ferous material most of which makes it into a number of raw material supplies. It reminded me of todays meat processing industry where everything but the moo and the oink has a use.But when it comes to handling residential and commercial waste suddenly a plastic bag represents a huge impediment to handling and recovered material has to be pre-sorted by consumers. This especially when there are third world countries where people live work and eat in garbage dumps eaking out an existence recovering metal, cloth, wood, whatever.Somewhere in that mix of information I can’t help but feel there has to be a better way to handle and process waste material, other than just calling it post consumer material, garbage, and recycling. Even something as simple as slashing and stripping a more practical plastic bag from leaves and yard waste instead of using paper bags.Something to think about next time you put that plastic margarine container inside that plastic garbage bag before putting it inside that plastic bin

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