Spring Break

Over the last few days I noticed traffic’s been lighter and I’ve seen way more kids strolling through downtown, and I finally clued in – it’s spring break!

That made me realize how perfectly timed this article in the Metro was about taking your kids downtown. The writer, Colin, was talking about bringing his son downtown and why he thinks it’s so important. It brought back a whole pile of memories for me of being a kid downtown, and it got me thinking.

I think that’s part of why I love downtown today – I started coming here as a kid. My parents took me to shows at the IMAX, where I was totally amazed by feeling of a movie in 3D. It’s where I shopped with my mom at the Bay and Portage Place, where my dad took me for a street hot dog on Broadway on his lunch break from work, and where I took a summer walk in Memorial Park and around the Legislature (I still remember not being allowed to try to climb the Queen Victoria statue). And of course, trips to the museum where I could play on the Nonsuch and play in the science galleries. So when I got older, I kept coming back to my favourite places – when some friends convinced me to try a big outdoor trip, I headed to MEC for my supplies. Now that I’m all grown up (well, kinda – still a kid at heart) I’m the one calling up my parents and telling them about a great new Fringe play or show at the art gallery that they need to come downtown to check out.

So for the last few days of spring break, I completely agree with Colin – it would be great for parents to share some of the awesome spaces with their kids and help make downtown part of their Winnipeg from a young age.

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