Shoot for Loot!

OK, the Jets are still JUST in the playoff hunt. There’s still a chance! And if Disney movies have taught me anything, it’s that they’ll pull off a miraculous run and go all the way to the Stanley Cup (they may or may not win there, but no matter what they’ll learn a valuable lesson about team spirit).

Anyways! There are still a few games to go and lots of fun to be had watching them. But as lots of you lucky 15,000 who’ve come downtown to watch a game know, it can get jam-packed right before the game. So take my advice – come early, and win prizes! Portage Place has been hosting a centre court shootout contest called Shoot for Loot for the last few games, and it’s so much fun. It starts 90 minutes before each home game for the rest of the season (that means your next chance is the 26th). You come down, show your game day ticket, and take your turn trying to get a foam puck into the goal to win a prize, all while being emceed (or heckled) by Frankie Hollywood of Energy 106! I love watching it – especially when a young kid or little elderly lady in a jersey steps up to play and gets huge cheers! The team spirit in the city is so amazing right now it’s spreading everywhere – now just imagine if we make the playoffs!

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