All about Cats: The way the internet intended

What’s the longest running, most popular, North American touring production in history? Phantom of the Opera? Les Miz? Good guesses, but no – it’s Cats, and it’s coming to the Concert Hall in Winnipeg at the end of the month, March 30 and 31st. And I’ve got a contest to set you up with a pair of opening night tickets!

Since this is the internet, which is made up of roughly 90% cat-centric content, I’ve had what I think is a genius idea for how you can enter to win the contest AND make this Monday go a little faster:

You get your chance to win by submitting the most adorable cat photo or video you can find in the comments below.  I know, there are literally millions out there so it’ll be tough to pick – but you’ll be limited to one entry per person. I’ll choose what I think are the top 10 cutest, and then draw one winner on March 26th for the pair of tickets!

(One more rule: No doubles! If someone’s already submitted that Kitten Stuck in Tuba video you had in mind, you’ll have to find another one to qualify. If you’re wondering if I only made this rule to make sure I got a ton of different cats to look at…well, you’d be right.)

If you can’t take the suspense of waiting to win and you want to make sure you’re there to see it, you can buy tickets at Ticketmaster – link’s right here!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Melanie, who sent me a link to the adorable Maru, was the winner of the draw yesterday – check your email to find out how to pick up your tickets – and congrats!!!

29 thoughts on “All about Cats: The way the internet intended

  1. Surprised kitty is definitely a favourite in our house:

    If I win, I’ll take my wife who is currently playing ‘catsup’ with seeing musicals. 🙂

  2. Cats is my sister’s favourite musical. I would love to win so I could take her for a night out! Here is my favourite cat themed video – Kittens! Inspired by KITTENS!

  3. Not sure where my first comment went….so I’m trying this again…because I wanna win!

    This is my daughter Ava and her cat Romeo. Which lives at her grandma & papa’s house because her dad has allergies. Romeo loves to do everything with Ava, even play Twister together! He loves spinning the wheel and jumping on the circles!

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