Let’s Do Lunch!

So it’s a little bit grey outside these days, and when you’re stuck in your office all day that can get you a bit down – at least it does to me. But I’ve got something to help fight off the back-to-work blues! I’m really excited to announce I’m bringing back one of my favourite specials from last year – Let’s Do Lunch Downtown!

For this entire month of March, some of my favourite downtown restaurants are going to be offering specials on lunch starting at $6.99. It’s a great excuse to get away from your desk, grab your best work friends, and enjoy some of the fab eats right around you!

There’s a bonus too – when you eat at any of the participating restaurants, ask your server for a ballot and you can enter to win a $500 downtown restaurant tour!

There are some seriously yummy eats on the list of specials…a chickpea burger at the Palm Room of the Fort Garry, a beef dip at the Lobby on York (it has smoked tenderloin, guinness mustard, horseradish aioli, sweet onions, mushrooms, pan jus & crispy fries), stuffed red peppers with beef, rice and feta cheese at Hermanos…I’d keep going, but my mouth is watering.

The full list of 13 participating restaurants and their menus is online at dolunchdowntown.com, and I’ll be blogging more about my menu picks in the days to come, so look out for reviews! Happy lunching 🙂

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