Attention snow bunnies!

It’s Art & Soul time again, Apres Ski style! This year’s event is in just two days on February 25th and is almost completely sold out – a little birdie (by which I mean twitter) told me there are less than 85 tix left for the party as of yesterday afternoon! I got mine and I’ll be live tweeting from the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and I wouldn’t wait to grab yours – last year was totally sold out.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so I’m just going to show you 3,000 words worth of why you should be there:

#1: Last year’s party = awesome.

Last year's London Calling theme in action

#2: Bonding with friends!

Someone’s craft project? This year there’s a ski with built-in drinks for four

#3: For once, it’s appropriate to wear a tuque and furry boots with your formalwear! Vive le apres ski theme! 🙂

If you still need your tickets, you can buy them and get all kinds of other info on their website:

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