A week with Yoga Public

I’ve spent a little more than a week now soaking in the peaceful atmosphere of downtown’s epic new yoga studio, Yoga Public.

It launched with a major opening party on the 10th where I got to explore it for the first time. It only took the lobby to win me over – the moment you step in, you realize that they’ve gone all-out creating a beautiful and calming space.

Once you shed your shoes and get inside, you realize how big the space actually is (the largest yoga studio in Canada, apparently!) with two studios on the main floor and two below. I’ve spent most of my time on the lower level, where I tried hot flow yoga and TRX for the first time! First, hot flow – I want to have a hot yoga studio installed in my house. The floor is padded so it’s soft on the feet, and the temperature makes it feel like you’re outside on a hot summer day. It really helped warm up my muscles, and I needed it! I had an awesome instructor named Lorna who took us through an hour of poses that made my muscles stretch like an elastic band. There were lots of experienced people that amazed me with how strong and flexible they were, but she made sure to show lots of easier options for newbies like me. You spend a lot of time concentrating on your breathing, and it took my mind away from all my worries – I felt so calm when we were done.

TRX is much more energy-packed. I walked into the room and saw sets of nylon straps and handles that hang from the ceiling, one for each person. I couldn’t figure out how this was going to work at first, it’s actually a way of doing strength training without any weights – you use the handles to make your own body the weight, it’s really cool! After warming up, she cranked up some sugary energy-laden pop music and we did squats, lunges, push ups, crunches, and lots more using the TRX bands for balance. You spend half your class hanging at a 45 degree angle, which I have to say is a much more fun way of doing a push up than putting your nose to a gym floor.

On the way up, I passed a restorative yoga class – when I walked by, everyone was lying on their mats covered in blankets, with beanbags over their eyes, and incense wafting around – the next time I need to destress, that one is DEFINITELY on my list.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to use the plush locker rooms after – I don’t think I’ve ever properly experienced a rainfall shower before I came here. The showerheads look like they’re 2 feet across – it really is like standing in the rain, if rain was heated and came with delicious-smelling body wash and shampoo dispensers. There’s also heaps of mirror space on the ladies’ side and all kinds of useful stuff like hairdryers and moisturizer so you can get ready to go back to work after. They even provide mats and towels so you don’t need to pack a big bag.

They’ve got a special on right now for their opening – you can get a two-week unlimited pass for $35. That’s what I’ve got, and I’m using it to try out everything I can before it expires! Next up, the yoga wall…and that restorative class with the incense. 🙂

Yoga Public
280 Fort Street
947.9642 (YOGA)

2 thoughts on “A week with Yoga Public

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