Love is in the air – 5 last minute Valentine’s ideas that aren’t chocolates!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Winnipeg!

A so-sweet-it-hurts Botanical Paperworks card

I don’t have a date tonight, but I’m not afraid to admit that I love Valentine’s Day anyway. I know a lot of people think it’s cheesy or fake, but I think a day set aside just to say “I love you” – whether it’s to your honey, your friends, or even just that big box of chocolates you found, is a pretty sweet idea. Plus, there’s chocolate on sale everywhere tomorrow! We can all get on board with that, right?

So if you want to join me in the warm ‘n’ fuzzy Valentine’s Day spirit today but your favourite restaurant is all booked up, I have some emergency ideas you can pull off without leaving the downtown:

  • Hands down, the cutest Valentine’s day cards in the city are at Botanical Paperworks.  Not only are the messages unique and heartwarming, but they’re plantable and have  seeds in the paper, so you can tell your sweetie that a lovely flower will grow from the card come spring. Awww.
  • Sweet things are hard to resist, but heart-shaped box of chocolates can be a little overdone. Alternative solution? Bodegoes at cityplace (formerly known as the Line Up) has sweet treats from Cakeology – pick up some cupcakes or their gloriously gooey and oversized imperial cookies. Dessert Sinsations also has decadent slices of cake and dainties you can take away if you need a big finish to a romantic home-cooked meal – today they’ve got Red Velvet Lady Hearts!
  • Casual night in? Run through the skywalks to HMV in Portage Place and get yourself a romantic movie to watch together for a night in – my pick? Princess Bride. Bonus points if you pick up one of Boston Pizza’s heart-shaped pizzas at cityplace along the way!
  • It’s a beautiful night – rent skates and take a spin holding hands on the river trail at the Forks, cuddle up in one of the warming huts together, and get yourself a hot chocolate by a roaring fire under the stars.

    Cute love stories at Coles
  • Go investigate the table with all the red and pink books on it outside Coles at cityplace – there’s a book called “It Was Love When” about how people knew it was right – wrap up the book with a note about how YOU knew your date tonight was the one for you. On the table beside it and just as cute ? A book of love coupons.
  • And a final idea for everyone – do your good deed for the day and make someone else’s Valentine’s Day wish come true! Vote for the most romantic entry in my Who Hearts Hockey contest and send someone to see the Bruins this week!

Lots of love to you all,

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