Opening Day x2!

Packed house for the AnX opening!

It’s opening-fest downtown today! I just came from the official ribbon-cutting at the University of Winnipeg’s new AnX building in the former Greyhound station (side note, does anyone know where that whole tradition of cutting a ribbon to open a building started?) The place was packed with students, speakers, downtowners and press nibbling on goodies from the two new restaurants that just opened, Garbanzos and Starbucks. Pizza and coffee – isn’t that the perfect combination for students? It’s what I lived off of in university, at least. 🙂 I’m not sure I should have tasted the opening-day samples all at once, though – bacon is delicious and so are lattes, but they just don’t mix that well. In future, one new restaurant/coffee shop at a time for me. The university’s brand-new bookstore opens today too, and it’s gorgeous – big and open with splashes of bright red everywhere. To celebrate their opening they’re doing a giveaway – a Shogun bike that has a fabulously retro look. I could totally see myself putting on a bell and a basket and riding to work every day in the summer on this.

Prize giveaway at the U of W bookstore

But that’s just one of the openings today – there’s another exciting one this afternoon, for Yoga Public on Fort St! They’re finally ready to open their doors to classes starting tomorrow, and I’m headed over later today to take a preview peek – I’ll make sure to update and share photos here!

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