Who hearts hockey this Valentine’s Day?

So Valentine’s Day is less than a week away…do you have plans yet?

For all of those who are panicking that they don’t have anything booked, and places are filling up…well I’ve got something that may solve your Valentine’s Day problems. Even if you don’t have a date lined up, I’m pretty sure this will get you one.

The Jets are playing on February 14th, and I’ve got a pair of tickets! Not just that, but I’ve got some his & hers Jets gear – one fabulous jersey and one super-cute women’s tshirt – a gift certificate for dinner at Hu’s Asian Bistro, and possibly the most coveted item of all on game day, an  indoor parking pass for the night of the game so you & your date can stay toasty warm no matter how chilly it gets in the next few days.

So how do you get a chance at this lovely prize? To enter, vote in the comments: -What’s the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift this year?

  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Dinner
  • Jets tickets
  • Other (you’ve got to give me your own answer if you pick this one!)

Just one entry per person, and make sure to give me your email when you post! I’ll be drawing for one lucky winner to get this prize pack on Monday, February 13th

PS: If you don’t win, there are still lots of places to catch the game – I’ve called, visited, and hunted out all the places downtown to catch the game and all the cool specials and prizes they have going on for game night. Check out the list here!

200 thoughts on “Who hearts hockey this Valentine’s Day?

  1. Sweetest Valentines gift I’d say is making dinner at home or the two of you. I think putting the time and effort into making a meal is much better than going out. Anyone can pick up the phone and make a reservation.

  2. While I would LOVE to win the Jets tickets, my choice for sweetest gift is ‘other’ – I made a gift for my husband this year. He’ll be getting a framed ‘story of us’, outlining all the milestones of our relationship, laid out to look like an eye chart. In our 12 years together, we’ve never exchanged valentine’s day gifts (save for that one time he bought me Easter chocolate), and we’ve had a really rough year, so I thought this would be a great time to (literally) spell it all out for him!

  3. What’s the sweetest Valentines Day gift this year? Jets Tickets! My boyfriend is a huge fan and I’ve been looking everywhere for a great gift for him! He is so good to me and this would really make him smile 🙂

  4. Ladies, ladies…Jets tickets, but hidden in one of those blank cards, with the ultimate message of love, appreciation and “sexy time playfulness” you can imagine, of course!

  5. The sweetest gift that I will recieve is wet drool filled kisses from my almost 11 month old little man! For his first Valentines I’d like to make him some heart shaped pancakes and give him lots of love! If I could take him to his first game too, that would be awesome! I’m sure my little social butterfly would love it!!

  6. The sweetest, I suppose, is to get nice hugs and kisses from our three little Valentines. But the nicest, would be a night out as a couple, without them!

  7. Définitely the Jets tickets! There’s nowhere else I (or my boyfriend) would rather be on the 14th, and what’s more romantic than getting on the kiss cam on Valentine’s day!

  8. Jets tickets! Our teenage daughters were given tickets to their first Jets game and are going solo on Feb 14. I think a date night to “chaperone” would be perfect (for us!)

  9. Other
    That means I’ll make have her bubble bath poured when she arrives
    home from work.
    Candles will be lit, lites dimed, the champagne will be in the sterling silver
    ice bucket beside the tub.
    The chocolate covered strawberries will be chilling in the fridge,…waiting…
    I’ll pick her up at work (she always takes the bus)
    and at home when she walks in, the mood will be set.
    Inside the door step will be sitting the
    “old fashioned” heart shaped box of assorted Belgian chocolates
    that she adores so much, along with my “mushy” card that tells
    her how much I still love her after only 32 years of marriage.
    We’ll jump in the tub together, sip the wine, munch the berries
    laugh and giggle, and then who knows what might happen.
    And then to keep the mood lasting,on the weekend, I’ll take her out to her favourite
    restaurant Hy’s for some of their famous filet mignon.
    And to top it all off, the both of us will win Jets tickets and go out
    to the game. We have each other and thats all we really need.
    Sign me “Sweet Cheeks”

  10. The sweetest gift to share with someone…..would be spending some quality time together in an exotic, warm locale, like Tahiti!

  11. Jets tickets! A romantic hockey evening is the way to this girl’s heart. I’d make home-made valentine’s cards for all my favourite Jets players.

  12. My grandaughter is an avid hockey fan. She is looking to attend her 1st ever NHL game, but tickets are not easy to come by. What a score for Valentines if Nan came up with a couple of tickets. Thanks for the chance.

  13. What’s the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift this year?
    To get a chance at winning JETS TICKETS on Valentine’s Day would definitely be a very sweet gift this year especially sharing this exciting evening with my honey. But, you know, I would be thrilled with any one of these amazing prizes. My Valentine would be too!! 🙂 Lynn

  14. I would love to win Jets tickets for my husband for Valentine’s Day. It would be a great romantic evening for the two of us. We are big sports fans of our Winnipeg teams. We have a two year old son, and do not have many evenings to ourselves. One night would be nice.

  15. Jets Tickets! This would be best gift EVER for my hubby! If I won and took him to the game …. I would probably rank a little higher than his golfing shows. LOL

  16. Other: An intimate, home-made, candle-lit dinner for my sweet heart !! 🙂 and on the dinner table, a romantically mushy card that she always appreciates, a bottle of wine, Je T’Aime Brut Rosé, and a rose!! 🙂

  17. Nothing would be sweeter than seeing my 2nd love the Jet’s with my true love this Valentines Day! The icing on cake a Jet’s win! Go Jet’s Go! ❤

  18. A simple, yet heartfelt, personal letter for significant other that tells why they are so special to them and how even their quirks they find cute.

  19. We would LOVE to win Jets tickets! My fiancé and I put on our jerseys and cuddle up on the couch for every game. To save money for our wedding this fall, we’e decided to skip getting each other gifts for Valentine’s Day this year. Going to the game live on Valentine’s Day would be the best gift I could give to him! 🙂

  20. Other – just cuddling with my husband in front of the fireplace in the peace and quiet after the kiddos are in bed!

  21. Ohhhhhhh!!! Jets tickets! My husband, daughter and I are fanatics! Nothing better than a Jets Game Date Night – that is for sure! :o)

    Check it out!

  22. A night out without our kids! We have five and between hockey and girl’s activities there is not much time left for us!

  23. Home made Valentines from my little girls. However, I wouldn’t turn down a chance to go to a Jets game, just me and the Hubby!!!

  24. Other- YES I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to the jets game, but the best valentines day gift I could ask for, is for my bf to rent a hotel room with hot tub and pool, drop me off there, and go watch the kids for the night (we have 4, and 1 has autism) so I can have just ONE.night of sleep! It’s something I have asked for every birthday, christmas,.valentines, ect for the last year already. Kids are ten, four, 23 months and 10 months!.please, just let me sleep……..or take me to the jets! 🙂

  25. Jets Tickets.

    I’m still reeling from the pain of missing the game where Teemu shattered the Rookie record. My dad and I had tickets you see, but I also had a ringette game.

    My dad, ever the skeptic, figured there was no way Selanne would break the record, and we’d catch the next game.

    We all know what happened.

    Jets Tickets for Valentine’s Day would surely finally ease that sting. Surely.

  26. The sweetest Valentines gift this year, is spontaneity. After all, Valentines day was never intended to be wrapped up in cliche’s and obligation. Personally, the ideal gift would be the opportunity to spend time with someone that I care about, be it a loved one, or a good friend. As a result, I feel compelled to take every extra step in order to show exactly just how much I care about that person. Including, a delicious four-course candle lit dinner for two, cooked in house, with your favourite red or white wine. A single rose and a hand written letter is one gesture of appreciation that should not be forgotten. To end the night, and successfully complete the sweetest Valentines gift this year would be to in attendance of your favourite NHL team on such a special night. Go Jets go.

  27. Jets tickets would definitely be a sweet surprise! The spirit and camaraderie that the return of “our” team has brought to the city this year is giving everyone that warm & fuzzy feeling… perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  28. While I love chocolates, flowers and a nice dinner….. winning the Jets tickets would be the best Valentines ( or any!) Day treat! And since I’ve been unlucky with Valentines in the past could definately turn my luck around by winning this prize!!
    Happy Heart Day all 😀

  29. I’ve been looking around for jets tickets for me and my hubby for the vday game for over a month now with no such luck. I even tried kijiji, but all the scalpers want to obviously scalp them and make a profit. I just want to pay face value but no one is accepting my offer (was worth a shot). Jets tickets for valentines day would be the ultimate gift for my man, one of the biggest jets fans. I would even be willing to share the package with a runner up, just so i could take him to a game. thank you for this opportunity to enter! You guys rock!

  30. I know my husband would say Jets tickets….I would say a nice evening out without the kids- I don’t care what we do or where we go! 🙂

  31. The sweetest valentines gift this year would be: A nice dinner someplace quiet and not fast food, flowers or chocolates would be a bonus but Jets tickets would be like icing on the cake…so just the two of us can enjoy each others company, we never get out of the house without the kids.

  32. Sweetest = spending time with one another and enjoying it. Although it doesn’t matter what it is that you are doing to enjoy the time, I can think of no better way to do this than attending a Jets game!

  33. a night out to dinner followed by the Jets game would be nice. I will probably cook my fiance a wonderful dinner followed by cuddling in front of the television and a roaring fire in the fireplace.

  34. i would love to win jet tickets for me and my dad who is turning 77 and it would be a great valentine gift. My favorite valentine gift would be just being at home with my loved ones.

  35. Jets Tickets!!! For my sister her birthday is on February 14 – Valentine’s Day, make it a treat for her!!! Love you Charisse, love your sissy Nikki ❤

  36. I would very much like to win a pair of Jets tickets for my fiance and I to go to the game together! We have two sons (his is 11 and mine is 12) and managed to find them a pair of tickets to the Jets game on February 23rd (SUPER jealous!)! We watch every Jets game at home as a family and are huge hockey fans! What better way to spend our first Valentines Day together as an engaged couple (he proposed on January 8th!) than at our very first Jets game (neither of us have ever been!)?! If we were able to find a pair to buy, we’d obviously let our sons go before ourselves… but if we WON a pair on Valentine’s Day… well… then the kids would have to understand if we went. Right?! Haha! *fingers crossed* 🙂

  37. Peggy, I really need your help on this one. You see, there’s this girl… it was her birthday last week. Not just any birthday, it was her 30th. Because I was at the ICU with my grandpa all day, I totally failed on her extra special day. I promised I would make it up to her, but there’s another thing… I’ve been living in Phoenix the last several years, and because of that, I get teased by her a lot for not being a REAL Canadian, a REAL Manitoban, a REAL man. I’ve got the dinner planned, I have flowers ordered, and chocolates – well those are *always* handy. Will you help me prove that I’m a REAL Winnipegger? I’ve never, ever been to a Jets game, and I’ll do cartwheels, karaoke or even snow shoveling if you can help me make things up to this extra-special woman.

    1. Oooh, you’re making a compelling case here…but I’ve declared the contest winner will be a draw from all the entries, I can’t take it back now! I WILL, however, cross all my fingers and even a couple of toes that you win this one – you’ve got a very lucky lady there!

  38. The sweetest Valentines Day gift is innovation. While that may sound like a teachnical word, I think it works perfect for Valentines Day. V-Day is a day to celebrate your love and I think partaking in something new and exciting (or innovative) is the perfect way to strengthen a relationship. It could be as simple as trying the new restaurant down the street or taking the tango lesson you were too embarassed to try. Relationships should constantly be growing and evolving so learning or doing something new together is the perfect way to improve a relationship.

  39. Other – My husband and I will enjoy a very special supper at the Sun King Steak House on board the Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship to celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day. This year, we are combining our Valentine’s Day supper with our 2nd Anniversary supper (29 Feb – Leap Year). Since we see our true anniversary date once every four years and were married on board a Carnival Cruise Ship, we try to make it extra nice. After supper, we will attend the Evening Performance in the Victoriana Lounge followed by a visit to Scot’s Panio Bar to enjoy more personalized music and one on one time together. Jets Tickets will be nice too!

  40. I would have to pick the Jets tickets in this particular case!! Flowers die. Chocolates and dinner might taste good but are quickly gone while Jets tickets (being they are SO hard to come by), would leave a lasting memory for both my man and I… 🙂

  41. For HIM there’s no question it’d be “Jets tickets”…lol 🙂 But for me, I’d go with “other” – the gift of quality time with my mister is all i ever want ❤

  42. Hi Peggy!

    Jets tickets are DEFINITELY the sweetest gift for a ‘pegger like my husband and I who LOVE hockey! *sigh* (Dreaming of seeing the Jets!)

    Steph 🙂

  43. Jets ticket would ROCK! But if I had to do it another way, I’d probably cook a homemade meal, head out to the forks for a skate, and follow it up by some hot cocoa!! MMMmmm… hot cocoa!!

  44. Soo ….. I used to only watch the playoffs but now If I miss a game or a period for that matter I lose it!! My fiancé has always been a HUGE hockey fan and knows all most every stat and rule!!! He would delighted if for one period I could just shut up, stop asking questions and just watch the game!!! This would
    Defiantly do it!

  45. For me, it’s the Jets tickets hands down.

    I have NEVER seen an NHL game live in my life and this would seriously ensure a great evening out for me and my husband (who also has never seen an NHL game live).

    With that being said – have to go watch the Jets at Capitals on MTS TV – GO JETS GO!!!!

  46. Jets tickets, because if someone scores a pair of those for you they must really care since they’re so hard to get. But flowers are always nice too. 🙂

  47. The Sweetest thing about Valentine’s Day is my one and only Wife of 43 years. She is my soulmate and the love of my life. As long as we spend quality time together this IS what Valentine’s day is all about.

  48. Nothing says love more than a pair of Jets tickets and Jets gear! It’s Its his birthday soon so it would be an amazing gift for an amazing guy. He always outdoes me in the gift department so it would be nice to give him this gift.

  49. Any night out. My husband works a lot of evenings and we haven’t been out just the two of us for ages. Of course, if a night out is dinner and a Jets game, even sweeter!



  52. My wife and I had Jets season tix when they were here previously before they moved to Phoenix. Was UNABLE to get season tix when they came back. It would be AWESOME to go to a game for “old times” sake:)

  53. Jets tickets for my hunnie! Other is for me as he is a romantic – he has already made our four children’s time to be spent away from home for an entire evening! I love love being mom but I miss my guy time with my hunnie ❤ so that's my 'other' alone time with my best friend , true love, favorite person on earth- my hubby ❤

  54. A pair of tickets would be really sweet, but a kiss from my son would be better. Taking my baby to see the jets for the first time in his little life would be even better. (;

  55. Jets tickets!!! That would be a valentines day to remember! We usually just play it low key at home or go out to dinner somewhere.

  56. Other – Cooking dinner together (sushi!), home-baked treats, a bottle of wine and cuddling on the couch. Simple. Oh… and Jets tickets would fit in there nicely too! 🙂

  57. I would love for my husband to cook me some eggs and let me have more than a tablespoon for my lunch 😀 Some chocolate would be nice too! 😀 But JETS TICKETS might even be better than that savory, silky, milk chocolate i have come to know and love!

  58. Imagine the good will, etc. I would get if I could give the Jets tickets to my hubby for Valentine’s Day. I pick the Jets tickets!

  59. The sweetest Valentine’s Day gift is less about the physical object (jewelry) or tangible results of an action (dinner), but the opportunity to spend a meaningful moment with someone you care about. I haven’t been to a Jets game yet! That would be a great, meaningful Winnipeg moment!

  60. OMG! Kso I would love to win Jets tickets for my parents for Valentines day! ❤ I think that would be amazing! For the past 12 years they haven't really got to celebrate Valentines day together, & if they won it would be so romantic for them to finally get the chance to go out together and celebrate this.<3 😀

    1. Hey peggy I enter this one by mistake, and hit the post button on my phone too soon as you can tell. Can you just delete this one, please 🙂

  61. The sweetest gift for my Valentine would be “JETS TICKETS”! Cause A pair of jets tickets are sold out, soo getting a pair is not a everyday thing, like flowers, chocolates or even making reservations somewhere……If I won I would take my S.O.S, my bestfriend, the one person I can coun on through thick n thin, he makes me smile even if all I wanna do is cry. He’ll make me laugh, even if its embarrassing it doesn’t matter to him as long he sees me smile n laugh……His birthday is February 15, so two gifts in one would definitely be worth it. He always thinks of others before himself, he deserves a night out n more. So yes our first Jets game together would definitely be the best most memorable Valentines Ever!! 🙂

  62. Definately jets tickets Peggy
    It wouldt be a sin
    It would be a win
    It would all be set for her to see
    That favorite jet
    To show her my heart by doing my part
    She’ll be saying go jets go hopefully
    From her favorite row
    A beer and a cheer
    Sporting all our jets gear
    She’ll be saying howd’oula do it
    Go Jets Go

  63. For me, other. This busy mom-of-two wants some me time! Give me an afternoon off to sip tea and get into a good book by getting the kidlets outta the house.

  64. Without a doubt a night out (away from work – home office) for a few hours just being able to enjoy each other’s company would be near perfect, but being surrounded by 15,000 + of our city’s best ..enjoying our city’s best, the Jets – would put the cherry on top of a perfect night out~! 🙂

  65. Surprising your loved one at home with flowers and Jets tickets. Go to dinner beforehand and eat victory chocolates during the game. Done!

  66. I’d say the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift this year would be to finally have a night out just me and my partner away from the kids! Neither of us have any family in town and our two closest friends just had babies and our most recent babysitter just moved away leaving us without a replacement which means we are always with our two boys, aged 2 & 3. And as much as I love them to itty bitty pieces an adult night out would be nice!

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