Cold can’t stop the music

I always hear people say that Winnipeg is such a creative city because it’s so cold here – in the winter, we have to stay inside a lot, so we write, sing, play, make art, whatever creative expression we choose.

So if this cold/creative dynamic really works for us, odds are, it would apply in other cold places right? I’m testing the theory at the WSO New Music Festival starting today – they’ve got a Nordic music theme this year, which means they’re featuring a lot of Icelandic composers (including Sigur Ros) They’re packing in more than 50 pieces into 7 days – superstar cellists, modern dance pieces…and of course, no festival would be complete without a big party, so Uptown Magazine is hosting an afterparty on February first to finish up Icelandia evening.


There’s also a new indie festival this year that’s picked up on the idea of cold & creativity as well – Big Fun. It showcases whole bunch of different genres of music with more than 20 local bands playing. And instead of using bars & clubs, they’re taking the shows to new spaces all over the Exchange District – galleries, lofts, and warehouses – all of them close enough to walk back and forth from. It started on the 26th and is running until the 29th. (FYI if you’re a Parlour Coffee fan, a Big Fun wristband will snag you 10% off your caffeine fix of choice) It’s the first year, but they’re planning to make it an annual festival – how cool would it be to have this weekend packed with music every year?

So yes, it’s cold – let’s celebrate! Want ticket info for the shows? Check the links above!

4 thoughts on “Cold can’t stop the music

  1. I just went to the city today and snuck into NYU Tisch and made my way all the way up to the ninth floor to find the Winnitron yesterday. The place was empty like a ghost town. Everything was off EXCEPT the Winnitron. I was so pheyscd to play this arcade cabinet. I thought I was going to finally get my hands on Nidhogg . . . It wasn’t there. I played every game on that cabinet and Nidhogg was no where to be seen. What the hell man? Was it only a one day thing? Did I miss Nidhogg?

  2. I just wanted to thank you Peggy for all your help in maikng our vacation happen. It can be very stressful in planning a vacation and you help me through the preparing. The kids loved it. It was warm days and tired nights. But it was worth it. Glad to be home. Will try to get pics soon.Thanks again

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