River trail is opening!

I admit, I was a little afraid it was never going to happen. But the Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail is finally open! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the warmer weatherwe’ve had  – but it would have been disappointing if I’d missed out on gliding down the river this year. It’s so peaceful once you make it down to the farther end of the trail – just the swish-swish noises of other skaters drifting by, trees and ice all around you – it can be so quiet it’s hard to believe you’re just a little way from the centre of town. You can warm up with your sweetie in a Frank Gehry-design hut, and when the cold starts to get to you, there are roaring fires, laughter, pickup hockey games and plenty of places to get hot chocolate back at the Forks start of the trail. I think this is what everyone pictures when they think of winter in Canada – at least, I know I do (update – the Toronto Star agrees in their article today)

I’ll be bundling up and renting some skates this weekend to go explore – if you’re going too, stay warm & enjoy yourselves out there!

Update # 2 – someone’s posted a slideshow video of the huts going up!

3 thoughts on “River trail is opening!

  1. It is wonderful that the trail got opened but the weather sure changed quickly to cause some problems I’m sure. The sidewalks were smush. Dirty dirty plus. Not having the trail is something I sure missed this winter.

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