Wonderful Weddings

Some of the covet-worthy dresses that have sashayed down the runway at the fashion show (gorgeous photo by Vergil Kanne)

Ah, weddings…it seems like every year, more and more of my friends are getting married around me! I’m still a single girl, but I’ve gotten to be pretty expert as a bridesmaid tying ribbons, looking at flowers, tasting yummy food, and my favourite job hands down, dress shopping – picking through fluffy rows of tulle, silk, satin, beads, and flowers to help find the perfect dress for a friend. I just wish I could try them on too!

And the big day (well, the OTHER big day) I get always called in for is the Wonderful Wedding Show that’s happening this weekend. There’s absolutely no bigger display in Winnipeg of dresses, flowers, décor, cakes, invitations, dresses, photographers, and did I mention dresses? More than 100,000 square feet of all this, in fact – so it can be good to go with a friend or two, cause that’s a lot of ground to cover. They’ve got some super-handy maps of the venue that you’ll definitely want to pick up when you first go in, pretty lounges set up to sit and relax for a minute, and sometimes cake samples to help you recharge!

If you spot the bridal stores that look like they match your style but want some more time to browse all the pretty things, I’d recommend heading over there on a girls’ night out. There are a LOT of them packed into just a few blocks, so even when it’s cold you can park and visit 4 or 5 without going more than a block or two outside. Labelle’s, Helene’s, Chantal’s, CKLY are all on the same block, Stella’s Bridal and LA Collection (the city’s biggest bridal store) are just a couple of blocks away. And then, of course, reward yourself for all your hard work with dinner or dessert with the girls!

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Weddings

  1. Public funding for a swnkay, private club.Yet Laurie Hawn deliberately avoids funding for Edmonton Festivals.Laurie Hawn has done what for Edmontonians lately? Too bad Cardinall and the liberal candidate will divide the vote and allow him to pick up his pension this time around.More evidence that Harper hates the arts

  2. NY will never ever ever work, we talked about that on radio tohngit. Boston can work at a smaller arena, NE is a HUGE lacrosse market that works in MLL. It would in the NLL too with less costs.

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