Great writer, great beard

Notice something different about me?

OK, maybe the beard doesn’t suit me. But there’s a reason for it! I got it from the good people at Shawfest, MTC’s Master Playwright series, which opens tonight. Every year one classic playwright gets picked and a whole series of plays by and/or about him. This year it’s the fabulously bearded George Bernard Shaw. If you haven’t seen his plays, I bet I know something of his you will recognize – the classic Audrey Hepburn movie My Fair Lady was based on one of his most famous plays! And really, how can you not love a man who wrote the phrase “If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.”

Plays are going on at MTC, PTE, the Warehouse theatre, Aqua Books, and a whole host of other venues from the 19th until February 5th – the full listings are here. Even My Fair Lady is going to be there, with a special showing at the Millennium Library!

I’ve got passes to Shawfest for TWO lucky winners! To win them, you have to correctly post the answer to one of these two questions in the comments – first thing tomorrow, I’m going to collect all the answers and draw two winners! (don’t forget to include your email when you respond!)

1) What three film versions of his plays did George Bernard Shaw write/co-write the scripts for?

2) What organization was George Bernard Shaw a prominent member of?

11 thoughts on “Great writer, great beard

    1. I’m not sure if he wrote or co-wrote the scripts for these plays, but he certainly contributed to script and scenes in ‘Pymalion’, ‘Major Barbara’ and ‘Caeser and Cleopatra.’ But just in case I’m wrong, the answer two question 2 is that he was an active member of The Fabain Society :).

  1. George Bernard Shaw was a prominent member of the Fabian Society. Besides Pygmalion, he also wrote/co-wrote; Major Barbara 1941, Caesar and Cleopatra 1945, and Androcles and the Lion 1952, which became film versions of his plays.
    Hope I’m the “lucky one!” I love theatre! hugs, Lorraine

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