A good time for artwork

If you’re one of the thousands of ‘Peggers who have been to the new Stella’s on Portage Avenue, chances are you’ve seen the new Plug In gallery right beside it. But if you haven’t had the chance to go in, now is definitely the time to do it!

It’s a beautiful space any time – floor-to-ceiling windows and tall white galleries filled with funky and mind-expanding pieces of art. It’s actually an institute, not just a gallery, which means they work with a lot of cool up-and-coming innovative local artists! So why visit now? A contest they’re having thanks to Wanda Koop.

If you’re thinking “Wanda Koop…that sounds familiar…” she should! She’s an incredibly talented (and famous) artist who just happens to live right here in Winnipeg. She’s also got a warm Manitoba heart – she’s donated a gorgeous painting valued at $15,000 to the Plug In and they’re holding a draw for it to raise money for the institute on the 20th at 5pm!  It’s hanging in the Plug In Gallery right now if you want to see it (right through the gift shop) I love the bold, bright look of it

The Koop painting hanging in the Plug In - go see it yourself, my iPhone can't do it justice

To win, you buy tickets for $40 each or 3 for $100 – you can get them in person at the Plug In, by phone at 942-1043, or there will  be a table at 201 Portage in the food court on the 19th! There’s a limited number of tickets for sale, so hop to it if you want a chance at the painting – I’ll cross my fingers for you!

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