Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Just waiting for its first skaters of the day!

But there are still delightful things to do!  So yesterday was apparently the last toasty-warm day we can expect for a while. But this chill has one great side effect – The Forks has reopened their Arctic Glacier Winter Park! Finally a chance to get some skating and sledding in, right alongside all the little kids so bundled up in snowsuits they can’t put their arms down. The Forks even has a website up where you can check on the ice conditions before you go right here (the Plaza skating rink, FYI, is rated “Excellent” today – and they’re hosting ice-skating jams starting this Sunday with DJ Co-op and DJ Hunnicutt)

Other benefits of the cold weather:

  • You can finally wear those extra-thick socks your grandparents got you for Christmas
  • You’ll need to drink some of Dessert Sinsations’ Callebaut hot chocolate – you know, just to keep warm of course.
  • No waffling on what to do for lunch – a steaming hot bowl of soup is the perfect choice. Try following The Tallest Poppy on twitter to see their soup of the day @TallestPoppy
  • Cozy furry trapper hats are totally appropriate

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