Happy New Year! It’s resolution time

Happy New Year everyone!!! OK, confession time – who else ate a few dozen more cookies than they planned to over the holidays? I love my holiday goodies, but I have to admit all that sitting and eating for a week has me feeling a little guilty this morning. So it’s resolution time! I’m not always very good at keeping these, but I’m going to try my hardest this year.

Yoga with cows? I can't wait to meet these instructors!

Like a lot of people, after my gingerbread-and-eggnog-filled holidays, getting healthier and fitter has moved to the top of my list this year. So I’m headed over to the brand new biggest yoga studio in Canada this month to sign up to get myself stretched and bent into a fitter shape.

The studio is called Yoga Public, and they’re planning to open for their very first classes on January 30th, where you can try out more styles of yoga than I ever knew existed –  like Ashtanga, Yin with Hot Yoga, Hatha, Meditation, and waaaay more. I had no idea there were so many!

If it sounds intimidating, don’t worry! Their instructors are super-nice and friendly, and all their classes are for every level, so you can take it at whatever pace you’re comfy with. They’ve also got an intro offer for yoga newbies who aren’t sure what style is right for them just yet. You can get an intro pass for $35 that gives you two weeks of unlimited access to every class. They’ll even let you use a mat and towel from them for the two weeks, so you can try out your tree pose before spending your leftover pennies from Christmas on all kinds of gear.

Yoga Public is at 280 Fort Street, and will be open from 6:00am to 8:00pm daily (with about 100 different classes packed into those hours). Their phone number is 947-9642 (YOGA) and their email is info@yogapublic.com

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! It’s resolution time

  1. Hi Linda! They were hoping to, but construction’s running a little behind unfortunately 😦 They told me it should be end of the month now. (Plus side – an extra 3 weeks of snacking before I start my good New Year’s behaviour!)

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