The Scavenger Hunt has a winner!

It’s been a fun and fabulous two weeks of shopping and hanging out with you all as part of the Holiday Scavanger Hunt…and it’s finally time to pick a winner! Just to remind you…my winner will be getting:

  • 2 Jets tickets
  • $200 Portage Place gift card
  • $200 cityplace gift card
  • $200 cosmetic basket from the Bay Downtown
  • $200 Winnipeg Square gift card
  • Family package to IMAX Theatre
  • Gift baskets from participating businesses (I’ve been collecting them, and just WAIT until you see it how big the pile is – they’re taking over all my space!)

How amazing of a prize is that?!? So without further ado…the winner is Chantelle Ducharme! She found me at the Festival of Trees and Lights, Perfume Paradise, Argento’s, Sweetz, and Uptown Sports!

Congrats Chantelle!!!! You’ll be hearing from me soon to collect your prize 🙂 Thanks so much to everyone who entered – and happy holidays to you all!

3 thoughts on “The Scavenger Hunt has a winner!

  1. Congrats to the winner, but maybe next year you could split them up for a number of prizes with a Grand Prize?? When I entered, I actually thought that the prizes were separate.

  2. I too thought the prizes were split up…I entered my ballot with all 10 items found through out the indoor downtown walkway…it’s not fair!I cancelled my subscription to Peggy Downtown!!!!!

    1. CJ Spence….you cancelled your subscription?? Really?? Was this the end all and be all of your day then? I agree that the prizes should be spread out next year so that more can enjoy the gifts, but seriously, it’s a game and usually there’s only one winner and that winner was picked randomly. Just because you give extra answers over what was required does not mean that you automatically win….that would defeat the point of a random draw from all those who met the initial criteria. Sounds like you’re good at complaining though!!

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