Fashion + Warmth

I usually can’t let the holidays or my Scavenger Hunt pass without buying something warm and cozy for at least one person – a cute pair of gloves, a colourful scarf – they’re great accessories for my fashionista friends (and I never have to worry about getting the size wrong!).

So on my Holiday Scavenger Hunt, I headed for h’Attitude – they have hundreds if not thousands of hats, scarves, gloves, and other cozy-looking items covering every wall. But something a little different caught my eye this time, and I’m really excited to give it – fascinators. Thanks to the royal wedding, suddenly these super-chic toppers are all over the place here! They’re almost like jewellery for the hair to me – lighter and smaller than a hat,  fun, playful, and totally perfect to accessorize with for a holiday party. h’Attitude has a gorgeous case of them right in the front window, and I spent about half an hour waffling on which one, and trying them all on. (In the end, I had to pick one out for myself too)

2nd floor, Portage Place

2 thoughts on “Fashion + Warmth

  1. Hi there.

    I just came from Manitoba Hydro – Festival of Trees and Lights, at 360 Portage Avenue and I saw Downtown Peggy standing behind a table near a board of wreaths and gifts, and wearing red jacket with blue neckline that does not even look like a scarf. Anyways,on the entry form, we are ask to write down what she is wearing and holding. But unfortunately, she was not holding anything. When I asked the ladies sitting just near where Peggy was, as to what then is Peggy holding as I said I need to write that down, they told me to just write down “nothing as somebody has stolen it”. So, seriously, what should I write down then? Please advise as I really wanted to join this contest and win your fantastic prizes.

    Thanks and best regards,

  2. Eeek! Someone stole it? Oh no! Tell you what Myrna – just make a note in your entry that it was stolen when you write about the Festival, and I’ll make sure I get my clue up and running again. Thanks for telling me, and good luck in the draw!

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