Big Screen

One of my favourite childhood memories is of going to the IMAX theatre in Portage Place and having my eyes popped out of my head by the size of the screen – that’s why I think gift certificates to send people there are definitely going to be an item I shop for on my Holiday Scavenger Hunt.

I’m torn on what to watch the next time I go, though – there are the amazing made-for-IMAX movies like Tornado Alley that make you feel like you’re right inside the eye of the storm, or there’s the chance to see Hollywood movies like Real Steel on the epic-sized screen. and my absolute favourite – did you know you can rent the IMAX out to play video games on? Yeah, you can. How cool would that be as a gift for your favourite gamer? I’ve been dying to try playing one of the Wii sports games there – now I just have to decide on a gigantic game of tennis, or a multi-storey high boxing match.

IMAX Theatre
2nd floor Portage Place

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