Sugar fix!

While I’ve been doing lots of big-ticket gift shopping on my Holiday Scavenger Hunt (hello, canoe) I can’t neglect one of my favourite parts of Christmas – stockings and the goodies you stuff in them! It’s just a little cherry on top of the whole present-opening experience for me. For these, you’re looking for something cute, fun, and small enough to fit in the stocking – what could be better than candy?

This is where Sweetz is your new best friend. They look like a big piece of candy themselves, with a bright pink shop on the second floor of Portage Place. And they have every kind of sugar you can imagine – jelly bellies, chocolates, giant lollipops, cotton candy – and so many more things I haven’t even tried yet. My top picks are the multi-flavoured jelly beans and anything cinnamon. Cinnamon just just has such a holiday flavour, right?

Portage Place
2nd Floor

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