Five more fun shopping finds!

OK, maybe this one's hard to wrap. But a girl can dream, right?

My top five gift picks from one of the classic downtown gift-shopping stops on my Scavenger Hunt route – The Bay Downtown!

First, for pampering your loved ones a little: Their main floor has an amazing selection of beautiful fragrances that will let you find your signature scent. Or try their Philosophy line of skincare and cosmetics – it’s only available there, and they have uber-decadent scents like Chocolate Fudge Cake (or should I call it flavours?)

Next, I love things with the HBC stripe pattern – it’s so clean, so classic, so…Canadian! They have cute, cozy winter gear like hats and mitts in stripes, and adorable striped charity bears for kids. Or, just in case you want to go REALLY over the top…an HBC striped canoe. 😉

Adorable AND wrappable!

FYI, the Bay is hosting Breakfast with Santa at the Paddlewheel on:
Dec 10th at 9am (kids 7.99 and adults 9.99)
Dec 11th at 11am
Dec 17th at 9am
Dec 18th at 11am.

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