Dream Seats! aka Why is Will Arnett here today?

Will and Skyler, the first recipient of his Jets tickets

We all know how much the Jets’ return has meant to the city – all the excitement that’s been happening around the downtown at game time, the random “Go Jets Go” chants that break out at other events. It’s an amazing experience to be part of a big crowd cheering them on.

But there are lots of kids in the city with challenges in their life who can get left out of those kinds of experiences. Some have things pretty tough, and they definitely never have a chance to watch the Jets, the Goldeyes, or the Bombers play, or get to join in the cheering and have the kind of exciting experience & community feeling that lots of us take for granted.

So enter someone awesome – actor Will Arnett. He’s a Canadian and a hockey fan (with strong ties to Winnipeg and our United Way, how cool is that?) and he understood when he heard the announcement of the Jets’ return just how much it meant to the city.  And he had an idea – to help some of those kids get to join in the experience with the rest of us.  So he bought some season tickets, and through United Way of Winnipeg he’s been quietly giving them away to kids who would otherwise probably never get to go.

And now, it’s just gotten bigger. He was downtown this morning (!) doing a press conference to announce the United Way’s new Dream Seats program. It’s pretty simple: if you have tickets to a game that you can’t use for some reason, don’t let them go to waste or – and I know you wouldn’t do this – try to scalp them. Share the experience – donate them to Dream Seats and give a kid the experience of a lifetime.

I think that’s a pretty inspiring idea, don’t you?


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