Java Jungle

Holiday shopping can get pretty intense. Busy crowds, figuring out what to buy second cousin Martha…we all need a break to breathe before we charge out into the walkways again.

One of my top spots to do that is Java Jungle, and I’ve stopped to recharge from the first intense Scavenger Hunt weekend. To properly recover, I recommend picking something really luxurious like one of their hot chocolate – they’ve got both regular and white chocolate. Or if you need some caffeine to help you get back out there, try a flavoured coffee – they’ve got Kahlua, amaretto, vanilla, and my personal favourite, chocolate raspberry.

If you’re slipping some shopping into a lunch hour, they’ve got great food as well. Tomorrow and every Tuesday, they have a fantastic taco salad lunch special – I’m a huge fan. Chili in the Jungle Thursdays too – it’s a great way to warm up on these newly chilly days!

(I’m wearing something especially cute at this location for my Holiday Scavenger Hunt – stop in and see!)

Java Jungle
2-266M Graham Avenue

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