Sporty shopping – my Scavenger Hunt begins!

Go Bombers! Yes, they even have jerseys for your dog.

It’s the second day of my Holiday Scavenger Hunt contest! And with the Jets win yesterday and the Grey Cup tomorrow (go Bombers!), I couldn’t think of a better place to start my holiday shopping than at Uptown Sports Cards & Collectibles.

As well as collectible cards, they have mugs, keychains, pennants, flags, and everything else you can find a way to fit a team logo on. But there are a couple of unique things I’m really excited about for the Christmas season!

First on my shopping list – team-themed ornaments. Uptown has a whole lineup of fun and colourful tree decorations in team colours with sparkling logos on them – such a fun gift for sports fans that I’ve never found anywhere else!

Second – the clothing. I’ve got some hockey-fan friends who haven’t picked up Jets gear for themselves yet, and that gives me a great potential gift for them! I’m going to spend some time hunting through Uptown’s walls – which are completely covered with jerseys, sweaters, and more – for the perfect style for them. They even have tiny tshirts for dogs and toddlers – maybe I’ll get some pets crossed off my list while I’m there!

Come find me at Uptown and see what I’m wearing, and you’re one step closer to winning my big Holiday Scavenger Hunt grand prize!

Uptown Sports Cards & Collectibles
Portage Place Skywalk
03-393 Portage Avenue, 885-3377

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