Festive decor

I had a favourite childhood ornament for years that I decorated my tree around – a delicious-looking stuffed velvet gingerbread man that acted as a cute but kind of odd star. But last year he finally got one too many pine needles through him, so I’ve decided to tuck him away somewhere safer and give my tree a new holiday look!

I love decorating and I’m always looking for a way to make things look merrier – I want my place to SHOUT that it’s holiday time. If I had the space, I’d try to find out where Portage Place gets those bastketball-sized ornaments they hang from the ceiling every year – if we have a long winter, we need to make it festive, right?

So I’m planning to scout out some tree-décor ideas at the Festival of Trees and Lights starting this Friday. The Festival moved into the Manitoba Hydro Atrium a few years ago, and they fill the whole place up with the most over-the-top beautiful trees imaginable, complete with gifts piled underneath. Talk about inspiring! You can wander through for free throughout the festival (it runs until December 11th), and there’s music and general good cheer going on every day. There are also some special events, like Family Day on the 10th with Santa and a horse-drawn carriage ride, a Craft Sale on the 3rd and 4th, and a December 8th Divas Downtown event that gives ideas for holiday entertaining – food, fashion, décor, the works (this one you need tickets for, info at the link!).

I’ll also be starting my holiday shopping during the festival, and I’m going to be hosting a contest! It’s almost time to reveal the details so keep an eye on the blog this week!

Do you have a favourite ornament from when you were a kid?

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