Take the pledge!

I know, it feels like Halloween is barely over – but the stores are full of holiday goodies already! Whatever you celebrate – Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa – it’s the time of year to do some celebrating. That also means gift-giving season for lots of us! Time to brave the crowds and go on the hunt for that perfect something to make your loved ones’ eyes light up!

And this year, the Pledge to Shop Downtown is back! I was so amazed by how many of you took the pledge last year and found your holiday gifts here that we just had to. After all, it’s the perfect time of year to visit our downtown businesses, and have our gift-giving budgets support the city centre as well as bringing home the holiday cheer!

Taking the pledge is simple – just click the link above and “Like” the Facebook page. It’s an informal pledge to do as much of your holiday shopping downtown as you can. By pledging, you will be eligible for a heap of great prizes over the next few weeks, as well as access to great ideas and deals for all your holidays shopping.

We’ll be giving away the first prize once the page reaches 700 “Likes,” so send it to your friends and family to get the giveaways started!

3 thoughts on “Take the pledge!

  1. Hard to do all your shopping downtown when there are so few decent stores. I do a lot of shopping at The Bay downtown, but every second store in Portage Place or Cityplace is either empty or pretty junky. Either way, not a lot there. And some downtown stores, like Mtn Equipment Coop, are too specialized to meet everyone’s needs.

  2. I agree with you that there are not too many stores around the downtown area to shop in (e.g. the two big malls), but go to the Forks and/or the Exchange District & there’s lots to choose from. Happy hunting!

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