Manito Ahbee Festival

Fact of the Day: The name Manito Ahbee references a sacred site located in Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park, where First Nations traditionally gathered to share teachings and wisdom. Manito Ahbee means ” where the Creator sits”.

The Manito Ahbee Festival is happening downtown this weekend! It’s a massive, multi-day celebration of  Aboriginal culture – music, arts, and heritage. Culture isn’t just about history – this festival shows past, present, and future, from traditional crafts to awards for the latest music by Aboriginal artists! Here are just a few of the big events happening – full listing at

Indigenous Marketplace & Trade Show
This is the perfect place to start your early Christmas shopping and find something unique! More than 80 vendors are setting up on the MTS Centre Concourse with crafts, artwork, clothing, jewellery, and lots more for sale. Lots of the artisans will actually be there, so it’s your chance to meet them and learn the story behind what you’re buying. Friday through Sunday.

Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards. This honours the best in Aboriginal music from across the continent as voted on by fans from all over the world –including you! Country, Blues, Rock, Songwriter Check out outside the MTS Centre. Your best chance to get close (unless you’re nominated!) is to go check out the red carpet outside the MTS Centre Friday night.

International Competition Pow Wow
Saturday and Sunday, more than 800 traditional Aboriginal dancers and 30 drum groups will be competing in traditional and contemporary dance styles, singing and drumming at the MTS Centre – it’s one of the biggest Pow Wows in North America! I’ve always loved watching hoop dancers and the way they can shift their hoops from one pattern to another so effortlessly, so I’m really hoping I’ll catch some of them performing at the Pow Wow! Admission to this is $15.75 per day

I’ve got two sets of tickets to give away to the International Competition Pow Wow! To enter, respond in the comments with an answer to this question: Why is the festival logo a turtle? I’ll take entries until 4:30PM today!

UPDATE: I’ve got two winners! From the blog, Priscilla – and from twitter @angryfawn! Congrats to both of you, look for an email with instructions soon!

7 thoughts on “Manito Ahbee Festival

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  1. Turtle Island, baby! The festival is intended to be open to all of Canada and the US, which together make up Turtle Island. one of the reasons why our peoples do not recognize the border. This was the basis for the Jay Treaty signed between the US and the British Crown (before political Canada officially existed). The US continues to recognize this treaty and considers First Nations of Canada almost as US citizens. I can cross the border now and start working tomorrow if I wanted…. of course there would have to be jobs =P

    Canada, on the otherhand does not recognize the Jay Treaty.

    1. Amazing smarts that CO2 stuff. It sets up shop in ceiatrn locations at ceiatrn times of the year and causes record coldwarm in some and warmcold in others. Can I get a mulit-billion dollar grant to study how CO2 can affect those poor children in Florida and ignore those poor kids in Winnipeg?

  2. Manito Ahbee refers to a sacred site in the Whiteshell, where First Nations would gather. There are several petroforms located there, including one in the shape of a turtle. The festival is a continental event, so the turtle also represents “Turtle Island” (or North America).

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