The Downtown Roundup

There are some topics that always come up when it comes to downtown. I think it’d be hard to find someone in the city who doesn’t have an opinion about downtown transportation, housing, and safety. There are lots of questions we all want answers to too –about the plans for rapid transit, for more condos or rentals downtown, or what safety initiatives are happening. Here’s your chance to learn more and be heard at three forums, aka the Downtown Roundup!

First up is the Transportation Forum – a chance to talk rapid transit! Experts on it will talk about what’s worked and what hasn’t for other cities when designing and implementing their rapid transit systems. Be in on the discussion on what the keys to a successful transportation plan is.

  • November 2nd, 2011
    Manitoba Hydro Building (360 Portage Avenue)
    Forum: 6:30 – 7:30pm (Room 305-306) Free food!

Next, the Forum on Downtown Housing. I think most of us can agree that the more people living downtown, the more active our sidewalks are, and the more fun and full of activity our city centre gets. Here’s your chance to hear about the City of Winnipeg’s Downtown Housing Plan, current and proposed housing developments, and talk to the people who are working for and promoting housing initiatives downtown. On the lunch hour, there are free housing tours being offered – take a peek at two of the latest downtown condo developments, Sky and District Condos. Lunch included – go to for more details and registration info

  • November 8th, 2011
    Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe (237 McDermot Avenue)
    Pre-forum Mingling: 4:30-5pm / Forum: 5-7pm Free food!
    Moderated by: Dan Lett and Bartley Kives, Winnipeg Free Press

Last but not least, the Forum on Downtown Safety. Here’s a forum that’s going to get talking about perceptions and realities of downtown safety, and about initiatives are taking place. This puts together a Winnipeg Police Service representative, the GM of Portage Place, a Free Press crime reporter, and the BIZ Executive Director to get their takes on the issue.

  • November 17th, 2011
    The LoPub Bistro & Pub (330 Kennedy Street)
    Forum: 5-7pm / Mixer: 7-8pm (Pub side) Free food!

So – I  know we all have questions and opinions about these three topics, and we all want our downtown to be as amazing as it can be. So come out and talk about it!

One thought on “The Downtown Roundup

  1. I love how quiet this was, and the unspoken yenanirg was so nicely embedded. This piece was just woven with love, for your cousin, aunt, niece, children and husband. My aunt patiently listened to all of my stories, she was exactly what I needed for her to be curator of the love tied up into those clothes. Was really a lovely line.

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