Wonderful wine

Yummy wine photo by Stan Milosevic, ManitobaPhotos.com

The International Wine Festival of Manitoba is kicking off today! It’s their 20th anniversary this year, a beautiful time when for 3 days, we get to stroll through the courtyard at the Forks Market sampling from among hundreds of wines.

I’m a wine lover, but not a wine expert. I know how to hold a glass up to the light and look for all the lovely colours in it, sniff the sample before I taste, and I’m great at making appreciative “Yum!” sounds when I like something, but I can’t explain why a merlot and a malbec taste different. Luckily, these shows are packed with experts who love what they do. Don’t be shy about asking them questions, and you get to learn a lot!

A few tips I picked up at my last visit:

First, bring a pen and something to scribble on. With hundreds of wines to taste, you need something to help you remember which ones you liked at the end!

Next, don’t just go around the booths once – do it 3 times. Try just tasting white wines on your first trip around. Once you’re back at the beginning, go for the reds! And on the last lap, sweet dessert wines like ice wine. This is always a tough rule for me to follow – I love dessert wines and it’s really hard to pass them up , but trust me – you can really taste more flavours when you go in this order!

third, find your way to the snackables! There’s a reason there are wine and cheese parties – both are yummy, and paired up they’re magic. Last time I was talked into trying a moldy blue cheese with a sweet wine and I was totally amazed.

And last – have fun!

The wine show is free to get into, and tasting tickets are fifty cents each.

The Festival hours are:
Friday, October 14      5:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday, October 15  Noon to 6:30pm
Sunday, October 16    Noon to 6:30pm

See you all there. 🙂

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