Want to watch some grumpy old men sing?

It’s understandable. We all get out of bed on the wrong side some mornings, our coffee machine breaks, and we turn from our sunny selves into frowning, grumbly, undercaffeinated curmudgeons. In short, we can all be grumps sometimes.

Some people are juts natural born grumps though, even on their good days! Luckily for us, instead of raining on our parade in person those grumps are being put on stage for your amusement starting tonight at the Manitoba Theatre Centre. MTC is opening their season with a performance of Grumpy Old Men: The Musical (yes, it’s based on the pricelss 90’s movie).

I’ve got a pair of tickets to the Saturday night performance for someone if they can get some trivia right!

In Grumpy Old Men: The Musical, as well as the movie, “The Green Hornet” is one of Max’s most prized possessions. What is it?

Answer this question correctly by emailing mail@downtownpeggy.com and you’re entered! Winner will be drawn Friday afternoon.

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congrats Brandi – check your email to find out details!

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