Win tickets to Cirque!

I told you about The Next: Cirque the other day, a fabulous gala fundraiser for United Way at the Manitoba Museum. It’s the circus for grown-ups – fantastic DJs, and gourmet food and cotton candy, live circus performers, and a chance to try out tightrope walking and acrobatics yourself!

You can buy tickets at, but I`ve got your chance to win tickets right now!

To win, you`ve got to tell me what your favourite part of the circus is! Write in the comments (make sure to include your email!), and you`ll be entered in a draw to win one of three pairs of tickets – contest is open until Monday October 10th.

For more info, check them out on Facebook and Twitter (@theNextCirque) as well!


43 thoughts on “Win tickets to Cirque!

  1. My favorite part of the circus is the incredible skill that many of the performers exhibit – like the acrobats for example.

  2. I love the dancing horses. It is really cool to see how smart they are to follow in sync with only one person controlling a large group of animals!

  3. I love the spectacle that the circus is…the fact that normality is not really allowed to be on display and instead all effort is put into showing off how people can be abnormal either through their skills and talents or their body (i.e. ‘freaks, contortonists, etc…’). It’s a great feeling to leave the standard and sometimes mundane office work day behind and revel in the non-standard in an atmosphere of exotic hyperbole. The added bonus of circus food only makes the whole package that much better!

  4. I used to love riding the elephant when I was a kid, but now I think the best part is the food!
    repeated this post due to email being wrong in first one

  5. what is there not to like about cirque. There are dedicated men and women who literally put their lives on hold to travel and perform for the enjoyment of us all. It’s commendable that the tradition of a circus continues. It’s amazing to see the Acrobats, how fluid and graceful their movements are; yet timing and precision is vital. there is a special kind of energy emitted from circus performers. They are the Olympians of entertainers, where hours and hours of practice go into their craft. It’s wonderful that cirque will becoming to Winnipeg.

  6. My favourite part of the circus is definitely the acrobats. It’s always so impressive to see how talented they are. 🙂

  7. I like the animal acts in a circus. Whether it’s horses or lions or dogs or bears that are trained to do tricks, I don’t care! I love it all!

  8. I love to watch the agility and the strength of the high-wire performers. I couldn’t do what they do on the ground….let alone while being “way up in the air!”

  9. I know they do not have them anymore but the monkeys on the elastic string…. those keep me happy for at least 3 to 4 minutes:)

  10. The dog tricks are the best part of the circus. I think all other animal acts should be banned because they are cruel and you can see the misery on the animals’ faces. But dogs love performing and you can see the joy on their faces.

  11. My favourite part is the acrobats, tight rope walkers as well as the cars in the globe (?) that circle around at high speeds, upside down, etc. 🙂

  12. i love the smell of popping popcorn, swirling cotton candy, and just seeing the kids’ amazed reaction to when a clown comes and talks to them, basically the whole atmosphere of being @the circus 🙂

  13. I love the atmosphere of a circus… from the crowd to the performers! There is something so magical about it, takes you away for a little bit to a much different and playful place!

  14. We were never allowed to go to the circus as kids because of the way the animals are treated, BUT I have been to lots of Cirque du Soleil! My favourite part of that amazing circus is the popcorn, ESPECIALLY when the clowns throw it into the crowd!

  15. I’m pretty sure my favourite part of the circus is when all the performers are still alive after the really dangerous-looking acts! And the caramel corn.

  16. When I was little, we had a circus come to town…my favorite part was the pre-circus parade of performers and animals and the post-circus tear down. We got to help and watch as the elephants dismantled the huge tents! It was amazing!

  17. Really, what’s not to love?? The whole atmosphere of the circus is so fun!! But I do love the acrobats and the cotton candy 😉

  18. I am in love with the attitudes of the performers! They seem to come alive when they are performing. It’s my favourite!

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