Winnipeg’s CEOs take to the streets

Winnipeggers are known for pulling together – for volunteering, stepping up to the plate, and giving things there all. But it still impresses me every time to see people giving their time and resources when there’s an issue they care about.

That’s what more than 30 community and business leaders are doing later this month at the first-ever CEO Sleepout in support of Change for the Better.

The Change for the Better campaign helps homeless people get off the street and into permanent paid employment and a healthier environment. Since 1992, over $100,000 has been raised and 100% of all donations go to homeless employment programs.

These CEOs are giving up their comfortable homes and beds for a night to sleep outside in downtown Winnipeg and raise money and awareness for the Change for the Better program. They’ve got a goal of raising $100,000 to put towards homeless employment programs. It’s ambitious, but I think they can do it – I’m sorry, WE can do it. After all, projects like this are about everyone pulling together to make Winnipeg a better place for all of us. In fact, maybe I’ll join them out there…


Thursday, September 29th, 2011 (201 Portage Avenue, at Portage and Main)
Enjoy music all day, breakfast and lunch (with a donation), and a dynamic presentation from participating CEOs, while donating to the Change for the Better program!
CJOB will be onhand all day from 9am-9pm to accept generous donations towards the cause.

9am – 11am: Breakfast courtesy of Diversity Foods Inc.
12pm – 1pm: Lunch courtesy of Diversity Foods Inc.
7:30pm – 8:30pm: CEO Participants Presentation
8:30pm – overnight: CEO participants sleep out

For more information or to donate, go to


One thought on “Winnipeg’s CEOs take to the streets

  1. Why was the location of 201 Portage Avenue decided? Is that a place homeless people often crash at overnight? Are any amenities being provided for the CEO’s on-site?

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