On the Issues

As usual, there are a whole lot of posters and signs around downtown. The difference right now? A lot of them are about the provincial election that’s coming up.

Everyone has issues that are most important to them when it comes to the election. One of the things I’m most curious about, naturally, is what the candidates have to say about downtown issues, and I haven’t really heard too much on that yet. A strong, safe, fun city centre in Manitoba’s capital is something that’s good for all of us in the city and the province.

So I’m looking forward to having my chance to ask questions and hear what they have to say at a provincial forum on downtown issues September 19th. Leaders of the province’s political parties will be gathering to discuss them at Edmonton Court in Portage Place, from 5pm – 7pm. Attending will be:

  • Hugh McFadyen, Manitoba’s Leader of the Official Opposition and Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba
  • Dr. Jon Gerrard, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party and MLA River Heights
  • Gord McIntosh representing the New Democratic Party of Manitoba, Minister of Family Services and Consumer Affairs, Minister charged with the administration of the Liquor Control Act and the Manitoba Residential Tenancies Act

Richard Cloutier from CJOB, and Dan Lett from the Winnipeg Free Press will be moderating. I’m gathering my questions – what would you like to ask the candidates, and what do you think their downtown priorities should be?

One thought on “On the Issues

  1. As a older single person living downtown I do not feel save going for a walk at night. I do not like when walking in the day being hit up for change or coffee. Too many empty buildings or buildings in a sad state of repair.

    If you want Downtown to prosper then make downtown parking free at night. I have no visitor parking in my building and many places do not. I am sure this would help busisness open later for dining , movies and games.

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