Favourite Manyfest Moments

I went to absolutely everything I could this year at last weekend’s amazing Manyfest, and had a lot of great moments – tasting new wines, dancing in the street, relishing the lack of mosquitoes, but for the second year in  a row I have to pick the candlelit time just before the lights went on on Broadway as my favourite moment. There’s just something magical about thousands of people each with a small spot of light, laughing and smiling at each other in the glow. It didn’t hurt that my candle was lit by an adorable little girl who came up to me and offered to share her flame. The whole effect was too beautiful!

So tell me – what was your favourite Manyfest moment?

3 thoughts on “Favourite Manyfest Moments

  1. I loved the wine tasting – the people at each tent were very helpful and knowledgeable about the various wines. I loved the fact Broadway was closed for foot traffic. The buzz and atmosphere of people walking, celebrating, buying and selling was amazing.

    The bands were wonderful and I am so impressed that the events included fun for the whole family.

  2. i live downtown and have been to a few events. I liked this one. I said to my friend they should do this every weekend in the summer. Reminded me of Eastern Canada. Heck even Regina has an area that is a open market .

    They wine tasting was vg and inexpensive. I will go again next year. The stalls were a bit too close together sometimes hard to get to
    My best moment was when the candles were lit and you could see the crowd holding them


  3. I also live downtown and what I liked the most was the positive energy that was everywhere. The music, the fresh produce, the artisans and most of all the smiles from young and old. It would be great to see that more than once a year. Thanks to everyone who made Manyfest possible.

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