First day of Manyfest – and it’s wine time again!

Bet you thought your chance to taste dozens of delicious wines in one place was over with the Wine Festival in May, right? Well I have good news for you oenophiles – there’s another great chance to find your new favourite cab or chardonnay starting today! The Taste of Downtown Winnipeg Wine & Cheese Festival is starting at noon and running all weekend (although not all night – hours are Friday, Noon-11pm; Saturday, Noon-11pm; Sunday, Noon-8pm).

It’s in Memorial Park with wines from Kenaston Wine Market, Fenton’s Wine Merchants, De Luca Fine Wines, La Boutique Del Vino, Banville & Jones Wine Co., and food and delicious nibbles from Bothwell Cheese, City Bread, De Luca’s Specialty Foods, Piazza di Nardi, and Fenton’s Gourmet Foods. Your tasting tickets go to a good cause too – they’re in support of Winnipeg Harvest.

So who do we thank for bringing these delicious treats to downtown? The wine event is hosted by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, and presented by the Independent Specialty Wine Stores of Manitoba in collaboration with the Manitoba Chefs Association. Also sponsored in part by the Bay Downtown.

While we’re at it, there are a lot more fabulous people and organizations that are helping all of the activities at Manyfest happen, and I think they deserve to get some credit: So thanks to all of you lovely people at:











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