Have wheels, will discover!

With only a couple of days left until September, I finally feel like I won’t jinx things if I say this summer’s going to go down in the history books. Endless sun, heat, and no mosquitoes!!!  It’s made it much easier than usual to keep all my good resolutions about cycling to work more. And adding these rides to work has suddenly brought a whole whirl of other creative bike-related events and people onto my radar. Cycling culture in Winnipeg goes waaaaay beyond commuting!

For example, Ciclovia! As part of Manyfest, all day September 11th from 11am to 8pm, Broadway has its most bike-and-pedestrian-friendly day of the year. There’s are activities like a bike show (old, new, and fancy-schmany wheels welcome), the RBC Blue Water Zone with 1,500 collapsible water bottles being given away, and the 2nd Annual Tweed Ride. Last year’s Tweed Ride was creatively captured on Super 8 – take a look below. I promise this was actually filmed in 2010, not 1910.

Biking’s also introduced me to some of the fantastic volunteers from Bicycle Valet. Say there’s an event coming up you want to bike to – a Bomber game, a festival like Manyfest – but you’re nervous about leaving your bike just sitting all along out there. They act like a volunteer coat check for your bike and watch out for your wheels. They’ve showed up at over 40 events so far – you leave your bike with them, take a ticket, and come back to pick it up at the end of the event – and it’s all totally free!

So I’m left with one question for everyone in the Tweed Ride video: where, exactly, do you buy pantaloons in Winnipeg these days?

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