Rise and Shine!

Breakfast downtown has been getting a whole lot more interesting lately. First Dessert Sinsations opened up for breakfast and introduced me to egg poutine, and now Winnipeg breakfast legend Stella’s has moved in.

The furniture will look familiar to anyone who’s been to other Stella’s locations, but the rest of the décor reminds you that you’re next to an art gallery. Solid windows on two sides make it feel open to the street and keep it sunny from breakfast to dinner (as well as perfect for people-watching), and the other walls are filled with colourful pop art based on a poster series from Montreal.

Mmm...blueberry pancakes

I went straight to my favourite, the pancake breakfast – it lets me get my salt (eggs and bacon) and sugar (blueberry pancakes) fixes all at once. But I’ll have to branch out soon – the fresh fruit parfait was calling to me, and the downtown Stella’s has some smoothies no other locations do, the Go Green and Mango Express. Service was fantastic as usual – my coffee was topped up so often I’m pretty sure I drank about 5 cups by the end of the morning and was almost hovering out the door.

The breakfasts are served all day, but they’ve expanded their lunch and dinner menus a lot with burgers, sandwiches, curries and chilis. If you’re one of the many downtown workers with limited lunch time, they’re working hard to appeal to office workers too – they’ve got a selection of lunch options they guarantee you’ll get in 3-5 minutes so you can pick your food up and eat out in the sun, or take it back to your desk if you really have to run.

Stella’s is located at 460 Portage Avenue by the Plug In Gallery, 772-1556. They’re open 6:30 am to 11:00 pm.

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